a friend got phone calls saying hes won a euromillions draw in spain and also a letter, i told him its a scam but heck knows what hes going to do, basically there asking him to pay 1.700.00p to a company thats Holding his winnings for him (Atlantico Group Seguridad SA) then they "will" send him his 400k winnings, and from that he has to give 5% to the company that holded his winnings and 10% to the company that entered his name into the draw

just thought id post it here if any one else has got the letter/phone calls,. ill scan and upload the letter later on


Can't believe that people still fall for this sort of scam!!!!!!!!

Have they been living in a cave for 10 years or what?




i got 2 of these very week



Just like many others who was sent the same mail, I just feel that this letter is a complete SCAM!  First of all it is so good to be true and second of all, when sending out a professional letter from an official lotto corporation, wouldn't your letter look more legitimate then something printed from home?  

When reading any letter from any Corporate companies I've always been observant about the quality of paper and presentation of a professional letterhead.  Due to the fact that I am a graphic designer and anyone with a knowledge of design would notice that the letter is designed in a poor state and the only thing legitimate would be the postage stamp from Spain.
  • First of all the ink on the letter actually smudges when gently rub your thumb across the text.  NOW we know it's not done on a laserjet printer but an inkjet.  The quality of the ink is so budget.  The graphics and coloured text on the letter was actually faded as if the ink had run out!
  • The logo and letterhead of the company does not look appealing.  It looks way too basic.
  • The seals at the bottom right of the page with the reference number looks as if it's been scanned and then copy and pasted to the letter, really isn't very much convincing.
  • The quality of the paper is lightweight, like a standard photocopier paper.  Majority of professional businesses would use a paper that is slightly heavier and textured.

So people don't be fooled by this spam about winnning so many hundred thousands and giving away your true identity.  There is too many fraudulents out there and majority of them are saying that they are a from an International Lotto Commission.  It's a pity that the elderly are the main targets for these kind of spams. 

hey guys,

we live in australia, my parents recieved a letter yesterday saying that they won a lot of money. im glad i found this site now i know its a SCAM

Please spread the word..